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Aikido classes Marin by Aikido of Tamalpais
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Aikido of Tamalpais has been a center for the study of the Japanese martial art of aikido since its establishment in 1976. We are affiliated with the aikido world headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, through



That skirt is named a hakama and we wear it out of respect for the Japanese
origins of the art and the samurai background. Aikido, “the way of harmonious
spirit” as it roughly translates, is a non-violent Japanese martial art developed in
the early 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba. He developed Aikido as a way to
subdue attackers without injury. Aikido grew to become a practice as well as a
philosophy. It’s also a great excuse to roll around on a mat, while still maintaining
the pretense that you are an adult.

Aikido also incorporates empty handed technics as weapons practice with bokken
and jo (sword and staff). While the weapons training is not the primary focus, it
does help inform the empty-handed techniques, and some of us find it fun.
We are a dedicated Aikido community and find that Aikido works great for our
well-being. We develop our balance, posture, flexibility and cardiovascular health.
As part of our training we learn to fall safely and painlessly, which has saved many
of us from injury over the years. We know that it is not so much about falling down
but getting up after every fall.

We practice blending, or harmonizing with those who attack us, literally viewing
the world from their point of view. We practice subduing opponents and defusing
situations. We blend and flow, and try not to take things personally. Taking these
principles of the mat we notice that we harmonize and blend better with our
partner, children and colleagues. We are way more relaxed dealing with stress
and conflict at home or work and catch ourselves smiling way more often.
If you see us training, feel free to come in and watch. Check the schedule, and
come for a free introductory class, we LOVE having new people to train with!


As a martial art, aikido aims to redirect an attacker's energy rather than inflict harm. Aikidoists move toward and blend with attacks, transforming them into spiral throws. Often called a defensive or non-aggressive art, its masters are among the finest martial artists in the world.

Aikido of Tamalpais was founded in 1976 by Wendy Palmer, George Leonard, and Richard Strozzi-Heckler, who received their black belts from Robert Nadeau Sensei and Frank Doran Sensei. 





Our dojo is located in Corte Madera, California and we regularly have students from Mill Valley, Fairfax, San Rafael, Belvedere, Larkspur and the nearby Marin area (and occasionally from SF)  taking part in a variety of aikido classes.

The best way to begin training in aikido is to come and observe an aikido class at our Corte Madera dojo located in Marin, and speak to the instructor about signing up. We offer fundamental foundations as well as advanced aikido training in every class. We build upon the fundamentals, exploring more complex movements and techniques, tailoring each class to the full range of skill level present on the day of the class. 



Dojo Hours & Email Contact

Aikido of Tamalpais dojo

Aikido of Tamalpais

142 Redwood Ave,

Corte Madera, CA 94925

Tel: 415-891-3178

Office Hours:

Monday:         6pm - 7:30pm

Tuesday:        6pm - 7:30pm

Wednesday:   closed

Thursday:      10am-11:30am

Thursday:      6pm - 7:30pm

Friday:           6pm - 7:30pm

​​Saturday:      10am - 11:30am

Sunday:         10am- 11:30am

Class Schedule 

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