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Aiki Fitness For Women

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 am.

Aiki Fitness is a way to firm up while building flexibility. Aikido can bring the spring back into your life. Our Aiki Fitness Classes for women help build shapely arms and legs, killer core, and can brighten your spirit. Come get fit while learning self defense in a dynamic and entertaining class with women.

In this hour long Aikido class we will work:

  • Your core through rolling exercises. These exercises strengthen your core and tone your torso from your chin all the way down to your pubic bone. Say “good bye” to chicken necks, flabby abs and sore backs. Say “hello” to the best self defense and resiliency moves ever and learn how to take a fall and get back up unharmed and invigorated!

  • Your arms by swinging swords. Way cooler than any dumb bell, plus you learn to swing a sword! You never know when you might need one. Swinging a sword wakes you up, helps you to extend your energy and hold a posture of clarity that can have far reaching implications into your life. Imagine holding a sword when your teenager is standing in front of you, you have to make a big presentation to your boss, or your inner voices are getting you down. This simple shift in posture can have powerful results in effective communication with your teenager, boss or yourself.

  • Your legs by getting up and down from the training mat multiple times during a class. Fall down? Get back up! Become adept at bouncing back and build a resilient spirit. ​

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